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International Artist Initiative

A somewhat different way to
meet peoples,
artists and
their artwork!

In discussions between Matthias Brugger and the local artist community, a desire for a casually organized artist group which would meet for specific art projects became apparent. The idea was to present the work of a wide variety of artists, professionals as well as amateurs, in exhibitions, performances, and events, covering a wide spectrum of artistic trends in unusual settings. When the exhibition space allows, everyone in the group is invited to join the projekt.

On October 19, 1996 Matthias Brugger foundet this artist´s group with the support of Ursula Podlech. The name was taken from the village in which these art discussions had originally taken place, Spaltenstein, a district of the city of Friedrichshafen on Lake of Constance in southern Germany. The additional word projekt describes the intention of presenting complex artistic ideas in collaboration with some or all members. Anyone who has participated in a project is considered a member and is eligible to initiate projects in the future.. In 2000 when international artists also became involved, the name was changed to incorporate the term international.

Unlike traditional competitive art exhibitions, Spaltenstein exhibitions never involve a jury; Projects operate in the tradition of Ray Johnson (founder the New York Correspondence School 1962, died 1995) with similar conditions to those he used for international Mail-Art. Rather than the jury selecting the artwork, each visitor can make his/her own artistic aresolely responsible for following the theme given by the project initiator in which the artists are then invited as guests (either all members or a selection). The projekt initiator informs the founder about the planned project so that he can pass on the information to future project initiators. This way they can profit from the experiences of their predecessors.

Frequent media attention has increased public awareness and distinguished Spaltenstein-Projects as something unique. One example: recently the three month Ravensburger Tacheles project (artwork created on site in a vacant downtown construction site) which inspired lively discussions about art among the participants and the exhibition visitors. This has led to ever increasing numbers of visitors to the projects.

For example, the 36 hours project Magischer Wald (magical forrest) had about 5.000 visitors, while See-Mond-Gucka (full moon over the lake) had about 60.000 visitors. The ever expending potential interest an the public´s goodwill is also shown by the news of the nickname Spaltensteiner Künschtler by which some members of the Internationale Künstlerinitiative Spaltenstein-Projekt are referred to.

The first exhibition took place in 1997. Participants included Brigitte Brugger, Brigitte Messmer, Ursula Podlech, Angelika Schneider and Matthias Brugger. Since that time the address list has expanded to include artists from Europe, the USA, Canada and Isreal as well as a large number of German artists, with the current membership at 350.

In 2005 a highlight will be the IBO-Art-Fair-Show in March with the theme Between the sky and earth. 30 artists from the Spaltenstein-Project are participating in an exhibition on-site with an additional 165 artists from around the world participating in a Mail-Art-Project located at the center of this exhibition.

Contact adress:
"Internationale Künstlerinitiative Spaltenstein-Projekt" /Matthias Brugger,
Unterer Lettenweg 2,  88677 Markdorf, Telefon 07544/740112,


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